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Old homes have charm and character to them, but they can also come with at least one major drawback: out of date electrical systems. To put it simply, most homes that are several decades old were not designed with the pressures of modern technology in mind. Many modern devices require a lot of power and most modern families have a lot of tech. Older homes often can't handle the strain of all these devices because they were never meant to do so.

The good news is that you can bring your home up to modern electrical standards. At Hudson Electrical, we offer electrical renovations and rewiring services in the North Shore, Northern Beaches, and Central Coast areas. We can update your home's electrical system entirely, ranging from the wiring to the switchboards. We can bring the wiring in your house up to AS3000 standards and implement safety switches in your home to prevent dangerous misbalances of electricity. We can even outfit your home with surge protection, to protect all those expensive electrical devices you have from potential electrical mishaps.

Why an Electrical Renovation in Northern Beaches or Central Coast is a Good Idea

If you own an older home and are thinking about an electrical renovation in Central Coast or North Shore, there are several reasons to make the investment.

First off, personal safety is at stake. Faulty or out of date wiring can turn your home into an unsafe place for residents or guests to be. You might notice outlets or light switches getting hot when you use them. You might experience sharp electrical shocks when you go to plug in an appliance or device. You might even see sparks shoot out of outlets, which can potentially ignite fires. Sometimes, strained wiring can even overheat and start burning within the walls of your home, which poses an obvious risk to both safety and property.

Another major factor in keeping your electrical system up to date is simple compliance. AS 3000 outlines, all the standards that homes must meet regarding wiring and electrical setup. Failing to meet these standards will impair your ability to sell or rent your property, among other problems. Insurance companies also tend to take issue with homes that fail to meet standards, as they are bigger risks to insure.

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As you can see, owning a home with a dated or insufficient electrical system just isn't worth it. At Hudson Electrical, our comprehensive electrical renovations in North Shore, Central Coast or Northern Beaches won't just bring your home up to code but will modernise it completely regarding electricity. Our work will render your home safer, smarter and capable of supporting modern power needs. It will also make the property more attractive to prospective buyers and renters. The list of advantages, as you might expect, goes on and on.

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