Oven Repairs & Maintenance Advice for Clients in North Shore, Northern Beaches, and Central Coast

Ovens like any other appliances are susceptible to breaking down from frequent use. Everyone knows that proper maintenance is the key to extending an oven's life and maintaining solid performance. There are a few main parts of the oven that require frequent maintenance, and we'll take a look at each one. The first is the Blower which is the most important part of your oven; the second part is your heating elements, the coils or panels used to heat the oven up. The final piece of hardware we'll check out is the thermocouples.

Preventing Oven repairs in North Shore

It’s important for our clients to maintain their oven to prevent needing oven repairs in North Shore, Northern Beaches, and Central Coast. The blower is the most important piece of hardware in the oven. If it's a sleeve-bearing motor, then it requires frequent lubrication on a schedule. The easiest way to do this is if the blower’s motor has oil cups installed. Place about five to seven drops of non-detergent oil every six months. Another traditional motor system is known as a ball-bearing motor, and these don't usually require direct lubrication. Often there are ports at the front and back of the engine that allow you to dispense oil. It's important that you find out what type of motor your oven has and refer to the manual for proper maintenance.

The second part of the oven that’s vital to maintain is the heating element. We regularly perform oven repairs in Northern Beaches, Central Coast, and North Shore due to heating elements. Burned out heating elements are often the source of reduced power efficiency and overall loss of performance. You can very quickly tell if there's an issue with your heating elements if the oven takes longer than normal to warm up to desired temperatures. If you have a digital multimeter available, you can always check the integrity of your heating element. First, unplug the oven from any power and disconnect the heating elements from the circuit. Then connect the voltmeter to the heating element and determine the impedance of the element, anything other than a reading below 100 ohms indicates trouble.

The final piece of the oven to maintain is the thermocouple. The Thermocouple is a device that measures the temperatures between components and often a broken thermocouple can be attributed to the oven shutting off on its own because it's misreading temperatures. A quick way to determine if the thermostat is damaged is by just running your finger along the wire while the oven is unplugged and checking for breaks, especially towards the tip. If you don't feel anything the component might be expired and in need of repair.

Affordable Oven Repairs and General Electrical Maintenance

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