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Hudson Electrical is a renowned name for providing top-quality electrician services in Sydney's North Shore. With years of expertise in electrical repairs and installation, we have emerged as one of the best electricians in the region. Our qualified professionals can undertake any residential, commercial and industrial electrical work.

Whether it is fixing a switchboard or replacing the complete wiring system, always go for a qualified and experienced service provider engaging the services of an electrician.

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Emergency Electrician North Shore

Don’t put yourself in risk outside of business hours. Hudson Electrical are available 24/7 anywhere on Sydney's North Shore. Call us on 02 9098 5143 if you have an electrical emergency.

Whether it is a general safety concern or you've been left with no power at a critical moment, Hudson Electrical's qualified team are here to help 24/7.

Years of Expertise

We have 20 years of experience in electrical industry and from the day of foundation, we are continually showing improvement in our work. Our professional team are qualified and have proven work experience. We have many happy clients who are North Shore residents

Completely affordable

We don’t charge over the top fees! Hudson Electrical services are available at pocket-friendly prices that anybody can afford without going bankrupt. We are committed to providing our efficient services at best prices. We believe in making long term relationship with our customers so that whenever you need an electrician you call Hudson Electrical.

Acknowledge All Customers

For Hudson Electrical, there is no work too big or small. We undertake all work assignments and render our qualitative services. We understand that there are many situations when you don’t know how to handle things, therefore, our team of experienced electricians can help to solve any electrical problem.

Licensed & Reliable

Hudson Electrical has a team of licensed electricians.
It takes years of good work track record and many hours in the field. Hiring a licensed electrician will always bring piece of mind because you know that you have top class electrical services at your home.

Experiencing Shocks?

Are you experiencing small shocks from switches and outlets? These may be mild shocks but should not be ignored at all. Small shocks usually take place due to the shorting of two wires. Immediately replace your switch and outlets with the new one. These shocks are small but may lead to a big safety hazard because worn-out wiring may lead to blackouts and fires. Electricity is used for many things. It powers our homes, runs our industries, and even treats some of our ailments. As useful as it is, though, electricity in high doses can be seriously damaging to humans. If you are experiencing shocks from any electrical switches in your home, call Hudson Electrical today on 02 9098 5143.

An electrician inspecting a circuit board

Light Flickering

Have you noticed that your lights flicker when you turn on a certain appliance? Or maybe they flicker all the time. Whatever the reason for the quiver, it is important to know that flickering is an indication that there is a problem with your electrical system. There are many different reasons why your lights may flutter, ranging from a simple loose light bulb all the way to a bad circuit, or even a faulty transformer. Poor wiring or connecting too many electrical appliances at the same time usually results in Lights flickering. Remove some appliances but this situation still prevails for the long duration this is a direct indication of an electrical problem. If it sustains for a short duration then there is nothing to worry but if often happen then call our North Shore Electrician
on 02 9098 5143 today!

A bulb

Book A Time Which Suits Your Busy Schedule.

In our busy lives, it is very difficult to get time for an electrician at home. Hudson Electrical is available as per your convenience. We can book in an appointment as per your comfort and we are happy to visit your place as per your convenience.

We operate round the clock with expert local North Shore electricians who can work on every aspect of electrical work. So, do not hesitate, just pick up your phone and dial us whenever you require trustworthy local electrical services from expert hands.

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