12 Tips to Save Your Energy Consumption this Summer

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September 20, 2019

Lowering your electrical usage doesn’t just put cashback in your pocket; it also reduces your environmental footprint. When the heat of summer starts to bring higher than average electrical bills, it’s smart to start looking for ways to save electricity. If you come across any electrical hindrances then you can take the help from the electrician North Shore too.

What are some ways you can reduce your monthly electrical bill? Let’s take a look:

1) Pick Energy Star Products

The Energy Star Rating System started in 1992 and has since helped to remove billions of tons of greenhouse gasses from the Earth’s environments. In addition to saving the planet from toxic chemicals, Energy Star also uses its rating system to help shoppers identify energy-efficient appliances like microwaves, ovens, and more.

If you intend to lower your electricity bill and are already in the market for new household appliances, make a point to purchase something that is Energy Star approved. You can even get the better deal through the emergency North Shore electricians in Sydney.

Have you ever wondered about the amount of money that you spend during the fall and the spring months? For reducing the amount of energy that you are using and the air conditioner used for cooling are the main culprit behind the spike in energy costs and this is due to the conscious effort that is behind it.

2) Update Old Appliances

Old appliances are…well…old. Over time, household appliances like washing machines and refrigerators stop working well and can “pull” more electricity than they actually need. If you’ve noticed your electricity bill is increasing steadily, outdated appliances may be the culprit. If you wonder if something is not right then you can take help from the emergency electrician North Shore.

3) Wash Clothes on the Cold Cycle

The water heaters in many homes are powered via electricity. If the hot water heater in your home is powered with electricity, using the cold cycle of your washer is a great way to save money without making any investments up-front.

4) Consider Upgrading to Smart Electrical Devices

Smart electrical devices are good for more than just answering the doorbell with your cell phone. If you have a small budget for home improvements available, consider updating some of your home’s lighting to LED and get them installed through the electrician North Shore.

5) Install Overhead Ceiling Fans

It’s hard not to reach over and turn up the air conditioner in the heat of the summer, and yet your A/C is likely the source of electricity bills. Thankfully, overhead ceiling fans are an affordable alternative to running (and maintaining) an air conditioner.

6) Insulate & Seal Your Home

The design of your home may play a factor in the size of your electrical bill. In 2009, studies show that comfort was the #1 reason Australian households installed insulation through the 24-hour electrician North Shore. When household aspects like insulation and sealant become old (or were never installed in the first place) they can allow hot and cool air to escape your home through small spaces in the framing, siding, and roof. By updating the insulation and sealant throughout your home by calling a local electrician, you can lower your electricity bill and maybe even justify running the air conditioner a little more often.

7) Don’t set air conditioner lower than 78 degrees

It is a known fact that you should not set your air-con unit lower than that of 78 degrees. You will be surprised that this range is sufficient enough to keep you cool. The lower you keep the temperature the more you will be spending on your electrical consumption bills. While you are off for a day, the thermostat can help you even to set the temperature high as well as keep it lower at night where you can return home to the coolness and comfort.

8) Timely replacement of air filters

Did you know that a dirty air filter in an AC can restrict airflow? In turn, your unit has to work harder in order to pump cool air through your home. The end result is an inefficient system that costs you a lot of money. Many filters need to be swapped out once per month. Check your unit to see what is recommended.

You will be putting a halt to the flow of air when your air-con unit is dirty and is not cleaned in a proper manner. For pumping the cool air evenly throughout your home the unit here will be working quite hard here. This will eventually lead you to spend more money. It is usually once every month that the filters need to swap out. You need to check the recommendations too.

9) Keep some of your windows covered

You need to know from which window the maximum sunlight flows in your room. You can prevent this by having the blinds for covering them. Before the heat strikes your home you will be able to have them reflected through the use of this method here.

10) Get hold of whole house fan

You can well get hold of whole house fans as this idea is well accepted by many people. These fans are not recommended to be used at all places but they might be used in certain places. The working fundamentals of these fans are in sucking the hot air from the indoors and throwing them out through the attic. This way you can now have a cooler home by keeping your windows open.

11) Plant trees

You will be able to save in a lot of money with plantation of trees. This will be helping you a lot when there is a tress that provides shade onto your AC unit thereby helping you to keep the heat on the exteriors.

12) Forget about the AC and go to the basement

You are lucky enough when you have a basement in your home as this region of your house is much cooler than the rest of your home. You can well keep your air conditioners shut off while you are spending a lot of time below the ground.

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