27 Golden Rules to Follow When Working with Electrical Appliances

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September 20, 2019

It is a known fact that electricity itself is very dangerous so playing with it can prove to be hazardous. You should not mess around with it and neither needs you to be a genius to figure this out. It is always recommended to seek help or hire a professional emergency electrician Northern Beaches in most of the cases.

Having a safe environment and surroundings is not enough to perform electricity task. Performing any task needs some rules and regulation. So is the electricity task.

You should always follow simple safety precautions rules while working with electricity to keep others and yourself safe from electricity.

The following are 21 noteworthy rules that need to be followed even while you are taking the assistance of a reliable Northern Beaches electrician:

Rule 1:

Do not wear clothes that are loose and go near electrical equipment.

Rule 2:

The open experimental circuits that are de-energized and the equipment should be left unattended.

Rule 3:

It is better when you have knowledge about something so get to know your switchboard. When a cabinet door is open and the power for control circuit may well be left on while the interlocks on equipment disconnect the high voltage sources.

So you need to adhere to safety measures as you may come in contact with the live electricity that is still flowing through the equipment.

Rule 4:

It is better not to feel the power of electricity. If you have no idea of working with electricity it is better to leave them in the safe hands of a 24-hour electrician Northern Beaches in Sydney.

It is better that you always maintain a certain distance from the energized circuits so that you do not feel the electricity.

Rule 5:

You should always keep in mind that electricity is a vital component that is required for everyday life. So always maintain careful measures while working with electricity as the current is flowing all the time.

Rule 6:

Before performing any electrical task it is important to make sure that you have shut off the power source. So, you need to inspect, maintain and repair the things.

Rule 7:

You can prevent electrical shock with the help of the tools. Use the tools with the non-conducting handles while performing any electrical repairs.

Rule 8:

You can be blessed with a powerful electric shock while using metallic rulers, ring and any metal when touched with bare hands. You surely will not love that!

Rule 9:

When there are any flickering of the lights and the circuit is bad or your appliances are not operating well, it means that it is the best time to call in for a repair.

You will have to call an electrician or do it yourself if such a situation arises.

Rule 10:

You need to try and use one hand and keep the other side away from the electrical circuits if you can perform it and it is safe. The flow of passing current through your body can be reduced with this safety precaution at hand.

Rule 11:

Water and electricity do not match with each other.

You might want to shut off the main switch, unplug the equipment of shut off the main power supply.

Rule 12:

No one wants to face this situation. However, if it happens with you or someone else then first try to be calm and make the things in control. Disconnect the power source from the circuit breaker.

Rule 13:

Everyone wants to have a safe electrical environment.

Remember if your electrical appliances or equipment produces tingle sound. This is the time where you need to disconnect or repair the appliance.

Rule 14:

People can be saved from electric shock when enclosing every electric conductors and contact. Call reliable Northern Beaches electricians in case of any electrical emergency.

Rule 15:

In Cold room to be electrically safe, you need to disconnect the electrical appliances.

Rule 16:

All the electrical equipment used for repairing work should be in a good working condition.

Rule 17:

Try not to handle electrical appliances with wet hands, foot and on a wet floor.

Rule 18:

Never use highly flammable liquids near electrical equipment as they can be ignited easily by a flame.

Rule 19:

While working on circuit panels, try putting a cap on the live wire. It would help in preventing any electric shock the cap acts as an insulation.

Rule 20:

Avoid storing the highly inflammable liquids near the electrical appliances. You must also know the summer electrical safety tips from expert electricians of team Hudson Electrical.

Rule 21:

Always use the back of your hand when you are going to use any electrical equipment. This is done as the accidental shock causes muscle contractions and this way your muscle does not contract with the conductor.

Rule 22:

To prevent someone coming in contact with the electrical contacts and the conductors you need to make sure that they are enclosed.

Rule 23:

Unless you are asked specifically, never touch someone else’s equipment or electrical devices. You need to take precautionary measures if such a case arises.

Rule 24:

You need to keep the short circuit on the terminals while working during the work to prevent electric shock as you need to drain the capacitors before working with them.

Rule 25:

Avoid attempt to take care of a fault by inserting another fuse or a breaker so you need not rely on the grounding alone. Call an electrician if you need to correct any fault.

Rule 26:

Never touch the equipment that has come into contact with a live electrical wire. It is better to pull off the plug using a leather belt and disconnect the power source through the circuit breakers.

Always remember to stay calm and if you panic then you will be inviting in the worst situation here.

Rule 27:

In the colder rooms or the other areas where condensation is likely to happen, avoid having electrical equipment there. Mount the equipment on a wall or a vertical panel if the usage is mandatory.

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